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Program Course Outline: Orthotics

Clinical Obligations

Each resident will be exposed to daily clinic setting which consists of scheduled/unscheduled appointments. Residents will be under the direct supervision of an orthotist in a rotational structure.

 The Orthotic Section is a component of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation. The resident may observe certain surgical procedures that have a direct impact on orthotics. Along with observation, each resident will become familiar with operating room protocol and post-surgical orthotic management techniques. The resident will have multiple professional interactions while attending this residency program. The purpose for the professional interactions is to learn how orthotics interfaces with different services within the hospital and clinic. Each resident will take part in a hospital call rotation. Hospital call rotation will consist of taking hospital call on designated/scheduled days and being on call, on designated days, after hours.

Orthotic Services

Upper Limb
Lower Limb

Residency Components

The following will include input from the technicians and supervising orthotist.


Thoroughly investigating both clinical presentation and historical information to implement an optimum treatment plan.

Measurements and Casting

Utilizing proper and reliable techniques to create a solid foundation for the device to be provided.


Each resident will be required to fabricate and assemble the necessary device for each patient.  This will be done through educational processes involving clinicians and technicians.


Each resident will thoroughly inspect the fitting of each orthoses and properly adjust the device for the best fit.  Addressing any concerns related to the orthoses is essential.


Each resident will be required to understand the billing and coding procedures as well as the nuances of the billing processes.

All evaluations, recommendations, fittings, adjustments, and billings
will be made under the direct supervision of our certified orthotists.