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Pediatrics Information Systems (Peds IS)

Pediatrics Information Systems provides telephone, on-site, and remote support for employees and devices of the Department of Pediatrics, the College of Medicine's Department of Internal Medicine, Urology, the Children's Hospital Foundation, and the University Hospitals Authority & Trust (UHAT). Our team supports 43 sections, approximately 1446 individuals, and 1500 combined desktops, laptops, and mobile devices across 22 buildings in the Oklahoma City Metro Area.

Recent Announcements

PEDS IS on Staggered Schedules (10 March 2021)

For the past several months, Pediatrics IS has been working on ‘staggered schedules’:  our staff has been divided into two teams who alternate days in the office, in order to prevent a whole-department quarantine should any one staff member be exposed or test positive for COVID.  As a result, we are only at half-staff in the office on any given day, while the remaining technicians work from home. Our technicians have done a great job of adjusting to the split, although it has introduced new challenges.

Timelines for Computer Deliveries

Picking up, preparing, and delivering computers can only be done by technicians physically on-campus. With our reduced staff in-office, and the ‘alternating day’ nature of our schedule, this means computer deliveries will be delayed.  We request 10 business days turnaround (increased from 5 days during normal staffing)  from the point that the computer is delivered to our office. Often, when you receive a ‘delivered’ notice, it means the equipment has arrived at the mailroom, and it may still be 1-3 days before we receive it.  Additionally, we sometimes receive an order ‘in pieces’, where we will receive a computer or laptop on one day, but the monitors or docking station will arrive a week later.  We generally wait for all equipment to arrive on an order before we begin work on it.

Please keep in mind that once the computer is ready to be delivered, we must still coordinate actual delivery with the user. With COVID restrictions, we no longer have free access to many locations on campus, and many staff and faculty are also only present during certain days of the week.

Department vs. Individual Technicians

Please ensure that when you are reporting a new issue or communicating about an existing one, that you place a work order either via our website (  or via email ( ) .  This will notify the entire Pediatrics IS department. Please do not email or call individual technicians personally, as the remaining staff have no way to reference anything sent to them.  By communicating via our work order system, any technician available can review the notes on your request and assist in resolving it, without needless delay.

LastPass (10 March 2021)

OUHSC has made the password management software LastPass available to full-time employees at no change.  This program allows you to store and create passwords for various systems, while only needing to remember a single 'master password' in order to access them.  It is an optional program and you are not required to use it.

You can find more information about LastPass and how to use it in the OU IT KnowledgeBase

Mac OS 'Big Sur' Not Support (17 Nov 2020)

Apple recently released their newest operating system upgrade:  version 11.0 (XI), also called Big Sur.

This operating system is not yet supported for University use and maybe incompatible with multiple University systems and applications.

Please do not upgrade your Mac OS to Big Sur until OU IT has announced it is safe to do so.

If you have already upgraded your Macintosh to Big Sur, you may be unable to use it with standard University systems, and IT will not be able to assist you with the device.

You may be able to access university resources via the MyDesk virtual desktop ( has not yet been tested and confirmed.

The supported Apple operating systems at this time are 10.14 (Mojave) and 10.15 (Catalina).

Greensafe has been paused (13 Nov 2020)

Due to COVID-19 and the reduction in vendor contact, Greensafe processing has been restricted only to emergency situations.  You may continue submitting requests to have equipment picked up for eventual disposal, but pick-ups are paused until further notice .  Please hold any excess equipment at your location if at all possible. Once Greensafe processing resumes and we are able to clear out space, we will resume pick-ups as normal.

P:\ drive end of life and migration (29 Oct 2020)

Following the transition from Syncplicity to OneDrive, Pediatrics IS will be retiring the network P:\ drives in favor of OneDrive as well.  Please follow the steps below to start migrating your P:\ data (if any) to Microsoft OneDrive.

OneDrive data can be accessed both on and off campus on almost any platform using your HSC credentials.  However, OneDrive cannot be used for PHI.  If you have PHI data stored on your P:\ drive, please migrate this to the shared network S:\ drive instead.

  • January 11, 2021:   All data on the P:\ drives will be made read-only.  You will no longer be able to edit, create, or store new data on the P:\ drive.
  • February 8, 2021:   The P:\ drive will be locked and made inaccessible save for emergency use.
  • April 30, 2021:  All data on the P:\ drive will be permanently deleted.

For more information on OneDrive and how to use it, see How to Set Up Microsoft OneDrive.

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, excluding holidays and other campus closures

Contact Information:

Location:  940 NE 13th Street, 3rd floor of Nicholson Tower, Suite 3970

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