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Siribhinya Benyajati, PhD

Siribhinya Benyajati, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Physiology


My research interests center on comparative epithelial transport physiology and comparative renal function, specifically the role of renal membrane transport of taurine in cellular and organismic volume regulation (on-going collaboration with J. Larry Renfro, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Physiology & Neurobiology, University of Connecticut).

Recent efforts focus on the training, mentoring, and development of trainees in physiological sciences, particularly women and minorities.  I teach renal physiology to medical, dental, pharmacy, physician assistant and graduate students.  I direct the Physiology Graduate Programs and am committed to the improvement of the program at the Health Sciences Center.  I share my passion for Physiology and mentoring with students/trainees locally and nation-wide through the American Physiological Society.  I am particularly involved in the development of women and minority students in physiology at the national level: chairing the national committee on Women in Physiology, conducting national professional development workshops, and participating in e-mentoring activities.


  • B.Sc. (First Class Honor & University Medal): Physiology, University of New England, Australia (1973)
  • Ph.D.: Physiology, Brown University, RI (1977)
  • Postdoctoral National Kidney Foundation Fellowship and NIH Training Grant Postdoctoral Fellowship: Renal and Comparative Physiology, University of Arizona, AZ (1978-1986)

Clinical/Research Interests:

  • Epithelial Transport
  • Renal and Comparative Physiology
  • Mentoring and Training Trainees in Biomedical Sciences especially Junior Physiologists
  • Development of Women and Minority Trainees Engaged in Physiological Studies

Select Publications:

  • Benyajati, S. and  J.L. Renfro (2000) Taurine secretion in primary monolayer cultures of flounder renal epithelium: stimulation by low osmolality.  Am. J. Physiol. Regulatory Integrative Comp. Physiol. 279: R704-R712
  • Lee, B., S. Benyajati, J.A. Woods and Y-K. Jan (2014) Effect of local cooling on pro-inflammatory cytokines and blood flow of the skin under surface pressure in rats: Feasibility study.  J. Tissue Viability. 23: 69-77.
  • Zhou, K.K., S. Benyajati, Y. Le, R. Cheng and J-X. Ma (2014) Interruption of Wnt signaling in Müller cells ameliorates ischemia-induced retinal neovascularization. Plos One. 9 (10): e108454. PMID 2527 1989
  • He, X., R. Cheng, S. Benyajati and, J-X. Ma (2015) PEDF and its role in physiological and pathological conditions: implication in diabetic and hypoxia-induced angiogenic diseases. Clin. Sci. 128: 805-823
  • He X, Cheng R, Park K, Benyajati S, Moiseyev G, Sun C, Olson L, Yang Y, Eby B, Lau K, Ma J-X. (2017) Pigment epithelium-derived factor, a non-inhibitory serine protease inhibitor, is renoprotective by inhibiting the Wnt pathway. Kidney Int. 91: 642-657

Academic Publications

  • Benyajati, S. (2007)  Mentoring Forum: Finding teaching experiences during your postdoc.  The Physiologist 50 (6): 256-257.
  • Benyajati, S. (2007)  Mentoring Advice & Discussion Forum Online: Finding teaching experiences during your postdoc (with additional comments from members of the American Physiological Society).
  • Benyajati, S. (2008)  Mock Interview and Negotiation Video.  Developed (initiated ideas, script writer, producer, video editor) for the 2008 Mentoring Symposium on “Gainfully Employed: From Luanching a Job Search to Navigating Negotiations”:http://www.the
  • Benyajati, S. (2008)  Potential Interview Questions.  2008 Mentoring Symposium on “Gainfully Employed: From Luanching a Job Search to Navigating Negotiations”:
  • Benyajati, S. (2014)  Book Review: Celebrating Life: An Appreciation of Animals in Verse and prose. Donald c. Jackson. Physiologist. 57: 247.