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Aravindan Natarajan
Radiation Oncology

Aravindan Natarajan, MS., MPhil., PhD., CCA.

Associate Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology,
Associate Professor (Adjunct), Department of Anesthesiology,
Associate Professor (Adjunct), Department of Pathology
Course Director, Radiation Biology for Radiation Oncology Residents
Graduate Faculty, College of Medicine
Member, Cancer Biology Program

Stephenson Cancer Center - Suite #L100
800 N.E 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73104. USA.
Voice: (405) 271-3825; Fax: (405) 271-3820

Biomedical Sciences Building (BMSB) Rooms 737 &741
940 Stanton L. Young Boulevard,
Oklahoma City, OK 73104. USA.
Voice: (405) 271-8000 Ext-47787, 41423, 41424



  • Andhra University, Erskine College of Natural Sciences, Visakhapatnam, India Ph.D. (2000)

  • Radiation Biology, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, TX Postdoctoral Fellow (2001)

  • Critical Care Medicine, Division of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX Postdoctoral Fellow (2005)

Clinical/Research Interests:

Radiation biology – cancer cell acquired radioresistance, approaches for radiosensitization and cancer cure, and space (galactic) radiation in carcinogenesis, cardiovascular complications

Signaling in therapy resistance and cancer evolution - extra cranial pediatric (neuroblastoma) and solid (breast, renal, pancreatic) cancers

Developmental therapeutics – novel phytochemicals and approaches for cancer cure, radioprotection.

Select Honors & Accomplishments:

  • Fellowships from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Government of India (1996-2000)
  • Member, Cancer Biology Program, Stephenson Cancer Center
  • Faculty, OUHSC Graduate College
  • Member, Oklahoma Center for Neuroscience
  • Member, Pathology Graduate Committee

Select Publications:

Peer Reviewed Publications
Peer Reviewed Published Abstracts

  1. Somasundaram DB, Subramanian K, Aravindan S, Yu Z, Natarajan M, Herman TS and Aravindan N. 2019. De novo regulation of RD3 synthesis in residual neuroblastoma cells after intensive multi-modal clinical therapy harmonizes disease evolution. Nature - Sci Rep. 13;9(1):11766. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-48034-2. PMID: 31409909

  2. Aravindan N, Aravindan S, Manickam K and Natarajan M. 2016. High Energy Particle Radiation-associated Oncogenic Transformation in Normal Mice: Insight into the Connection between Activation of Oncotargets and Oncogene Addiction. Nature – Sci Rep. 6:37623. 27876887   

  3. Natarajan M, Aravindan N, Sprague EA, Mohan S. 2016. Hemodynamic Flow-Induced Mechanotransduction Signaling Influences the Radiation Response of the Vascular Endothelium. Radiat Res. 186(2):175-88. PMID: 27387860 

  4. Ramraj S, Aravindan S, Somasundaram DB, Herman TS, Natarajan M and Aravindan N. 2016. Serum-circulating miRNAs predict neuroblastoma progression in mouse model of high-risk metastatic disease Oncotarget. PMID: 26921195    

  5. Aravindan S, Ramraj S, Natarajan M, Herman TS, Somasundaram ST and Aravindan N. 2015. Polyphenols from marine brown algae target radiotherapy-coordinated EMT and stemness-maintenance in residual pancreatic cancer. BMC Stem Cell Res & Ther.6(1):182. PMID: 26395574.  

  6. Khan FH, Pandian V, Ramraj S, Azadi S, Aravindan S, Natarajan M, Herman TS and Aravindan N. 2015. RD3 loss dictates high-risk aggressive neuroblastoma and poor clinical outcomes. Oncotarget 6(34): 36522-36534. PMID: 26375249.

  7. Pandian V, Ramraj S, Khan FH, Azim T and Aravindan N. 2015. Metastatic neuroblastoma cancer stem cells exhibit flexible plasticity and adaptive stemness signaling. BMC – Stem Cell Research and Therapy.  6(1):2. PMID: 25888913 

  8. Aravindan N, Aravindan S, Pandian V, Khan FH, Ramraj SK, Natt P, Natarajan M. 2014. Acquired tumor cell radiation resistance at the treatment site is mediated through radiation-orchestrated intercellular communication. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys., 88(3):677-85, PMID: 24411622.

  9. Aravindan S, Natarajan M, Ramraj SK, Pandian V, Khan FH, Herman TS, Aravindan N. 2014. Abscopal effect of low-LET γ-radiation mediated through Rel protein signal transduction in a mouse model of non-targeted radiation response. Nature-Cancer Gene Ther., 21(2):54-9. PMID: 24357814.

  10. Veeraraghavan J, Natarajan M, Aravindan S, Herman TS and Aravindan N. 2011 Radiation triggered TNFa-NFkB cross signaling favors survival